Decorative Majestic Fruit Bowl

Looking for a way to introduce a majestic touch to your home? This decorative fruit bowl could be the answer –


You don’t have to use it for fruit, of course. A decorative set of pretty much any kind of item would work well, however with its “Lord Of The Manor” feel, fruit would be a great fit making it practical and not just decorative.

It’s a ceramics piece made of quality polyresin, so rather heavy and stable and it actually is part of a set. However, make sure you don’t go overboard. In my opinion, one item of this kind works better in a more eclectic setting. If you start adding the candle holders and vases, you could be introducing too much of what is in fact a rather “heavy” decor style. It works well if you live in a castle but if yours is a modern home, this bowl will probably look better on its own.

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