A Decorative Scented Oil Burner That Will Yoga Away Your Worries

One of the great things about interior design is the ability to set the mood in a room. For most people, one of the most desired moods to create is one of pure relaxation. If you’re the same, then check out this beautiful decorative scented oil burner! It’s a perfect match for any area in your home where you may want to meditate or do your yoga.

Decorative Scented Oil Burner

More than a decorative scented oil burner: A piece of spiritual art

This unique piece is nothing short of spiritual art. It offers design details that come together in a harmony of spiritual elements. The gray stone that serves as the base, for example, is just rough enough to have a very “natural” look to it while contrasting beautifully with the smooth resin and glass. The black resin echoes natural amber with its smooth black surface.

The circle is the core concept of this miniature altar. The circle is an ancient symbol of wholeness and healing. In this case, the burning candle at the center created energy which the three abstract feminine figures protect. The energy then rises up to release the healing properties of the essential oils in the – again circular – glass container.

Other elements contribute to the uplifting ethereal vibes. The glass gives off an almost liquid effect which combines with the fire of the candle, the stone base and the soothing vapour to reflect the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. Then we have the trio of women, otherworldly transcendental and symbolic in their smooth-lined emblematic design, forming a prayer circle. All in all, you could meditate just by gazing at this incredible piece of spiritual art. It’s just so much more than just a decorative scented oil burner.

Reading the reviews on Amazon, most people saying the photo does not do it justice and it’s even prettier in real life. It is fragile though (as you’d expect it to be) but fortunately, if for any reason it arrives broken, you have the Amazon guarantee behind it. It will get replaced within a couple of days, or refunded!

Click here to see this on Amazon and add a relaxing vibe to your home decor.

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