Dragonfly Wall Art: 10 Stunning Designs

Not everyone loves insects but when it comes to aesthetics and home decor, many make an exception for dragonflies.

These elegant creatures symbolize change of the kind that allows us to flex our wings and fly up. They are also just beautiful with their shiny colors and elongated wings. If this is a theme in your own home decor – and even if it’s not – I think you’ll appreciate this dragonfly wall art.

The items that I chose for you today are made of metal, in combination with glass, acrylic and paint. They are handmade and simply beautiful!

Antique-looking metal wall dragonfly

I love the delicate metal artwork here. Just perfect for any wall decor.

dragonfly metal art

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Haitian Dragonfly Metal Wall Art

Handmade metal wall decor is always very special. This piece is made in Haiti under fair trade practices.

Haitian Metal Art Dragonfly

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Handcrafted bugs: A butterfly and dragonfly pair

These beautiful metal embossed insects with shell embellishments are simply stunning. Added here because I love the dragonfly one.

butterfly and dragonfly wall art

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Dragonfly wall art for your garden

Looking for a gorgeous dragonfly for an outdoors wall? This colorful metal dragonfly is coated to weather the elements for years to come.

dragonfly wall art for your garden

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Metal & glass dragonfly wall art

A flowing design by Regal Art & Gift in blues and oranges that’s perfect both indoors and outdoors.

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Handpainted “wet” dragonfly art

This incredible design really brings nature into your home. In beautiful colors and adorned with water drops, this intricately handpainted dragonfly is perfect.

handpainted dragonfly

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Suncatcher dragonfly in metal and glass

This elegant dragonfly can be attached to a any glass wall or window to let the sun rays show through its colorful wings.

suncatcher glass and metal dragonfly

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Iridescent metal dragonfly wall art

It doesn’t glow in the dark but it’s as iridescent as real dragonflies, and has beautiful colorful round beads to boot.

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Classic metal and beads dragonfly

Adorned with glossy acrylic beads this metal dragonfly looks like a jewel but it is in fact just a wonderful wall decor item you can hang anywhere in your home.


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Unique looking dragonfly in shades of green

A combination of glossy black outline, a delicate mesh and scales in all shades of green, turquoise and yellow make this piece of wall art a true delight.

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I hope you enjoyed this array of flying insects here today! I think these dragonflies really show us how artisans can take their inspiration from nature and bring it right into our homes.

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