Escali High Capacity Bathroom Scale

Now here are some scales with a difference! Calling these “High Tech” could well be an understatement because this baby does far more then just register the weight of the person standing on it. Made of a high impact tempered glass platform, the working level of these scales is quite impressive. They accurately weigh in 1/4 pound or 0.01 kg increments using high precision strain gauge sensors to reflect the weight involved down to decimals. Easy to read and brightly lit, the digital display has three actual settings: male, female or athlete.

What is most remarkable is that it contains functions able to determine the overall fitness level of the user. It also stores information for up to ten users, I hasten to add, making it extremely group- or family-friendly. The scale measures percentages of body fat and body water for the user, giving a remarkably pure view of the major components involved in physical fitness. This is truly an interesting if not fascinating piece of technology, geared for those who want to take on a program leading to a proper level of physical fitness.

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