How Windows Make These Fantasy Rooms Totally Amazing

Natural light is my favorite source of lighting. Always changing, it can make a room look different at various times of day, different seasons, or even as the weather changes during the same time of day. Windows allow us to let that wonderful natural light in. Unfortunately, bathrooms often suffer from small windows, and sometimes from lack of any windows. Privacy would be one issue, of course, both in shielding the person taking a bath, and in keeping this area of our home away from most guests.

Then again, take a look at these fantasy bathrooms, and you’ll note one very important thing – huge huge windows. Nothing is quite as striking as watching a truly magnificent view from the womb-like comfort of your bath, is there?

This fantasy island bathroom for example, with an uninterrupted view of the ocean, all the way through the different exotic shades of the water, nicely echoed by the soft pampered content of the bath itself, complete with yellow and white flowers. It’s the kind of setup that allows, indeed demands, minimalistic interior design that allows nature to be the true focal point –

Here’s another great example, this one from a holiday villa in Phucket, Thailand. Again, three glass walls, the largest windows you could have, this time surrounding a completely round tub, like a Tibetan bowl echoing nature all around it. Look how these allow the natural light, in this case of a dramatic sunset, take over and lift this bathroom towards truly heavenly standards.

These being fantasy locations, exotic travel destinations where your privacy is protected in the secure premises of an exclusive villa, there is no need for windows treatments. No shades or curtains are needed – you may note that in both pictures, the house itself is elevated above the views, for maximum privacy. In my next post on this topic, I will suggest ways in which to convert these elements and integrate them in your own home design.

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