How To Photograph Your Decorated Room Like A Pro

So, you had a room makeover. Perhaps you went with a unique decor theme, or just achieved a beautiful result and you want to show off. You pull out your state-of-the-art digital camera, which could absolutely be on your phone these days. And now what?


I’m going to start with the depressing part. Home interiors may be static, but that doesn’t mean photographing them is easy. In fact, if you really do need professional-grade photographs, you may end up hiring a professional home stager/photographer. As with most things, it all depends on your budget. If you’re a national home decor magazine, you will probably have the budget for a fully qualified photographer with an entire team to do the shoot. I’m saying that now not to be a Debbie Downer but because I want you to understand the limitations of the tips I’m about to share.

Because let’s face it, you’re not Home & Garden and you don’t have their kind of budget. Which means if you want to show off your amazing new seasonal makeover, you’re going to have to be the styling crew and photographer all rolled in and one. And now, with the disclaimers out of the way, we can rephrase the title of this post into the more realistic –

How To Photograph Your Decorated Room Almost Like A Pro

My experience has shown me that even without professional gear and special lights, and even with phone cameras,  you can improve on your pictures quality if you follow these simple tips:

A clean look

Make sure the room is spotless and de-cluttered. Tidy up and hide away any clutter so that the viewer can focus on the beauty of your design – not on your dirty dishes.

Bring in some life –

Once the room is clean and surfaces are clear, bring in some life. You don’t want the room to look like a lifeless museum. If shooting a dining room, set up the table and even add some food and drink. Shooting the kitchen? Set up an aesthetically pleasing cutting board and fresh shiny vegetables. In the living room or bedroom? Add some books or magazines casually lying around and waiting for their readers.

Use natural light

If possible, let natural light flow in by opening all doors and windows. Try and time your photography session so that have it on a sunny day.

Let it be more light –

Light brings your picture to life. Turn on all the lights in the room, especially the ones that you used in your design to emphasize certain elements. If you can, add a burning candle or two as well.

Try a wide angle shot

If your camera allows for that, try a wide angle shot that will let you include more of the room in the image and help create a sense of depth.

Take lots of pictures

That’s the beauty of digital photography! Point and shoot, lots of times, from various angles and aiming at different objects. Then you have a variety of pictures from which to choose the good ones.

Edit and crop

If you feel comfortable with it, edit your pictures on your computer. Photoshop experts can actually “clean up” surfaces and move objects around, but even if all you know is how to crop an image, you can still change the perspective and focal points of your image.

All done? Got that perfect picture? Awesome! Now you can showcase it on Pinterest, Facebook, or send to your sister-in-law. You are the decorator, so you have full bragging rights!

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