Get This Polka Dots & Stripes Beddings Set To Freshen Up Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to freshen up a bedroom, nothing works better and more effectively than bold colorful textiles! This set includes a comforter and two shams which can easily cover beds with an instant splash of colors and geometric patterns. And yes, it’s perfectly ok to mix dots and stripes, and in this case, other shapes as well. As if all that abundance of color wasn’t enough, there’s a really cute owl pillow included. The colors match those of the beddings and whimsical owls always add a nice touch to any room.

This design is anything but neutral, making the bed into the focal point of the bedroom. It’s perfect for a teenage girl bedroom but adults with a fresh outlook on design may like it as well. It works well with a pastel-colored curtains, rugs and other elements, though probably in solids and preferably without additional strong colors. I wouldn’t recommend using it in an all-neutral bedroom though. It can be a focal point, yes, but focal points need additional areas around them to balance them out. So, again, as part of a nice light-pastel background would be my recommendation for this set. And if you get tired of the colors and shapes, it’s not like you painted your walls with them. That’s the great advantage of using beddings as design elements – you can change them as often as you like!

The set shown here is available on Amazon and is just a couple of clicks away. Click to read and see which size fits your bedroom.


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