How to easily save money by decorating with these curtains

Got windows? Sure you do! Let me offer you a great tip on how to easily save money – and keep your home looking pretty – by decorating them with a certain kind of curtains.
How to easily save money with these curtains and still keep your home looking pretty
Windows are a great addition to your home. They bring in light and a touch of the outdoors. They’re not something to be taken for granted either. It’s not a feature that was prominent in human dwellings historically.
I was watching a French comedy the other day where a witch sends a medieval knight into our own modern times. The knight arrives at his castle, now converted into a modern fancy French hotel. He immediately notes how the the turret was removed, the moat was gone and, worse of all, so many large windows had been added! He’s shocked at how difficult it’s going to be to defend a castle with so many windows!
Well, fortunately for us, we don’t have to defend our homes from the attacks of the English or the Goths anymore and we can focus on just making them really lovely instead. Isn’t it wonderful?
Back to the windows, they do still have their drawbacks though. They may not be security risks but they matter all the same.
Windows are entries through which our house is affected by the temperature outside. That means losing heat in wintertime or losing the affects of our hardworking air conditioning system during summertime. Either way, it means higher bills.
Now, that does not mean you should avoid having windows and turn your home into a medieval castle. It simply means you need to invest in proper insulation. The best way to do that would be double-glazed windows. Even triple-glazed.  Obviously, not a cheap option and not always something you could do right away.
The solution? Drapes!
Curtains can be a great way to insulate your home. In that case, you’ll want a heavier fabric that traps the air forming a barrier to keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Wool, fleece, and velvet are especially effective for insulation, but if you are serious about cutting your energy bill, the best designs use a thermal curtain with a sandwich of three layers. The middle layer is made often made of foam if you buy it in a store, but you can make your own thermal curtains using an emergency space blanket or the material used to block your windshield from the sun when you park. All you need to do, is sew the thermal layer in between two outer layers in a heavy fabric of your choice. This can be very attractive if you chose the right textures and colors, while the middle layer will block the transfer of heat and cold, and keep out drafts. Added bonus: The room is actually darker with these shades covering your windows. It’s why good hotels use them in every room.
People who use thermal curtains can save up to 50 percent on their energy bills. Heating and cooling our homes is also a heavy burden on the environment, because of the electricity used. Air pollution is created when electricity is produced. Therefore, when you use thermal curtains to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, you help to keep the air cleaner and reduce your carbon footprint. Saving you money saves the Earth too!
And with Home Decor Hub being a shopping blog, I have a few recommendations for you, of course. Each of these links goes to the product’s Amazon page where you can quickly and painlessly order your curtains (and I will be getting a small commission at no added cost to you). I picked a few designs for you which I think show just how beautiful thermal curtains can be. You can save money and make a room look pretty at the same time. Win-win!
Ironwork-pattern in gray for an elegant window treatment (there’s that castle theme again 😉 )-

Light-colored yet it can still filter out light and heat –

How about a more colorful option? Beautiful striped Tuscan-style design for these thermal drapes:
tuscan design thermal drapesCheck it out on Amazon

Classic teal curtains with a delicate floral pattern:

Exquisite floral silhouette motif in grays. Perfect for any bedroom –

light colored curtains

Even if you go with solids, thermal curtains can be as colorful as any drape. Like these in cardinal red –

cardinal red insulating curtains
Check for more details on Amazon (they’re available in many colors there)

I hope I convinced you that saving up on your electricity bills doesn’t have to get ugly. Thermal curtains can be stunningly beautiful and provide the same kind of decorative value as any other kind of drapes. They’re just better, that’s all, providing insulation against the heat or cold, a better way to keep the room dark and even some sound insulation to boot!

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