How to use bamboo blinds in ways that will make your home truly beautiful

If you live in a climate where the temperature is comfortable, bamboo blinds are a great way to get privacy while maintaining an attractive decor. Bamboo comes in a variety of shades, from nearly white/ivory to light or dark brown and green. It is durable, goes well with many decor themes, is relatively inexpensive, and is Eco friendly.

Since bamboo is so fast growing and requires no pesticide or fertilizer to farm it, bamboo products are sustainably produced. Bamboo blinds offer the perfect texture and pattern for window dressing in a room with neutral colors. They effectively block light so that you can sleep during the day, and provide privacy any time. Bamboo shades roll up easily, and last longer than blinds made of most other materials.

You can certainly use bamboo blinds in a room with an Japanese or Chinese theme. They’re a perfect match for decor items such as Chinese vases or Maneki Neko kitties or you can match them up with a small zen garden made of sand and rocks for a blissful corner where you can meditate or just relax.

That said, these shades are certainly not limited to Asian decor styles. The neutral tones of bamboo can work wonderfully in various settings and complements any design. It’s a great way to add an additional layer to drapes, allowing you better control of the light and can work on its own, allowing for some light to get inside. It’s a wonderful way to add natural light to a bedroom, while keeping your privacy.

Need more inspiration? Here are a few examples for awesome use of bamboo blinds.

  1. Bamboo shades combined with white cotton drapes for a formal living room in white and beige:
Traditional Living Room
2. These four shades counter the couch adding a sense of symmetry to the room layout.
Jenkins Baer Associates
3. You can find bamboo blinds for outdoor use as well. Look at this fabulous design where the natural-looking drapes fit in so well in this garden, creating the “walls” for an outdoorsy bath.
Backyard Bath House
4. In this beautiful bathroom, the dark mirror frames and dark shelves are gently echoed in the dark bamboo blind. Pulled down, it will still let in some natural light, while allowing for privacy.
Master Bathroom
5. A formal dining room in neutral tones where the blinds soften the contours of these five tall windows.
6. Thinking out of the box, here’s a large bamboo blind used as a wall cover in a colorful relaxed bedroom.
Portland Art Deco Funk
7. Who says beige and cream can’t work with reds? This sunroom proves that they can!
Coastal family room
8. The bright orange walls offer a colorful background to a toned-down decor in neutral tones. The brown bamboo blinds combine with the beautiful cupboard for a touch of rustic design.
Lorraine Vale
9. This peaceful bedroom becomes a haven from everyday worries, offering the softness of the bed and armchairs, softly lit through light-colored bamboo blinds.
Transitional Master Bedroom
10. Bamboo is perfect in the kitchen too! Practical and easy to use, letting the light in over this sink.
White kitchen
11. Dark bamboo is used here in a formal bathroom setup. It adds great detail to the windows, as the white frames contrast with it and with the dark brown walls.
Beyond Mid-Century by Heather Garrett Design
12. For some shade in the porch, there’s nothing like bamboo blinds. They mix right in with the foliage around them for a stunning natural look.
Surf Shack
13. These beautiful bamboo blinds create a pattern of small squares which is a perfect fit for this study.
Baltimore City Townhouse Refresh
14. In this bathroom, bamboo is used as part of an oriental theme. The blinds are echoed not only in the beautiful bamboo mirror but also in a live plant.
Powder Room
15. Last, but not least, huge bamboo blinds are used in this stunning bedroom showcasing Asian decor.
La Jolla Residence
Feeling inspired? here are some great bamboo curtains you can order from Amazon. I’ve picked some pretty unique examples and hopefully you can come up with a way to incorporate these into your room decor!
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Check these out on Amazon and let us know in a comment how you would incorporate them into your home decor!

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