Huge Dinosaur For Your Backyard

Yes. A dinosaur. A real huge live dinosaur for your backyard! Yes, well, I scratched the “live” but it’s as close as you can get to one. My only regret about this fun post is that I didn’t make it on April’s Fool Day just to keep everyone guessing if it’s real or not 😉

Now, it is sold on Amazon, so I am pretty sure it’s for real. It’s by Design Toscano and pretty obviously made to order.

backyard dinosaur

It’s meant to be a brachiosaurus. I’m guessing baby brachiosaurus by the size, as the real adult ones were a tad larger. Still, even a baby dinosaur in your backyard is way cool. If you have a large property, having a herd of these would be a huge attraction. A large property and a large enough budget. I guess a quality dinosaur costs a bit to make.

These are cast in fiberglass-reinforced designer resin, then hand-painted to look just like a real brachiosaurus. The reviews are positive but to be honest I wonder if the ones discussing their dinosaur’s eating habits are in fact 100% genuine.

I’m pretty sure this item is meant for commercial venues. It’s large enough to have promotional value for a motel or restaurant. Get your herd in line and it may even become a bona fide roadside attraction. I don’t usually blog about items like these but I came across it while browsing for outdoor sculptures and you have to admit, it’s hard to ignore this one!

See the full details on Amazon.

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