Key and mail holder: Fight the clutter!

No matter what your preferences in home decor are, clutter is going to come in the way, eventually. Unless you plan ahead, everyday life is going to end up creating little islands of clutter all around your home. That’s where a wall mounted mounted key and mail holder comes in handy. It’s not only practical, it’s also a lifesaver for your interior design aspirations.

The science behind clutter

Did you know that clutter is actually a universal law of physics? Seriously! The second law of thermodynamics tells us that things always fall into a form of disorder. Ok, so technically, physicists talk about different kinds of systems but the principle does hold. If you live in a home, it’s going to get cluttered.

Some things really tend to clutter up a home. Mail is one of those things. You grab it from your mailbox right before you enter your home. A thousands things are on your mind. You have groceries to put away in the fridge; Kids that need to be checked on; A hungry cat meowing for his dinner. Your handful of envelopes will have to wait.

Most people just throw these letters on the kitchen counter. Along with their car and home keys. Do you know what professional decorators call “envelopes on the kitchen counter”? Clutter!

An awesome key and mail holder that can help you fight clutter!

The good news is you can fight that clutter by thinking ahead and designating a special place for the would-be clutter. A mounted key and mail holder right by your door is the perfect solution. And I found just the perfect one for you on Amazon

Key and mail holder

This classic design by Twillo is made of sturdy steel with woven plastic accents. It comes with the wall mount hardware included. It’s available in several metallic shades of black, bronze, champagne and even white –

white letter holder

It’s extremely popular on Amazon. Not only does it get great reviews about the design, usability and ease-of-installment, people also love this for its “hacking” potential. It’s such an awesome basic unit that people use it to store remote controls, jewelry and just about anything else around the home.

Check it out on Amazon and take a while to read the reviews. I’m sure they will give you some cool ideas on how to put this key and mail holder to great use!

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