Panda-themed beddings set

I recently got into a small argument with a good friend. She had the audacity to say that pandas are not cute. Well, she was wrong, and as much as I like her I had to tell her there and then that she simply didn’t know what she was talking about.

Of course panda bears are cute! Yes, they’re bears but they’re the most adorable teddy-bear-like looking bears!¬†Anyone with an appreciation for design and decor has to love them. I mean, black and white bears? How awesome is that? And how about the large black circles around their eyes? It’s as if they were created by a designed with a sense for fashion.

If you love pandas as much as I do – and you probably do because my friend is very strange that way – you’re going to love this bedding set I found on Amazon.


In terms of colors, it brings a wonderful sense of freshness to your bedroom. It is green enough for you to smell the grass and the flowers. Add a couple of adorable panda bears, in their black and white neutral colors and you get a bedding set that makes a statement about your love for these endangered bears and for design as well.

Still need freshness? This set is 100% cotton, so you can enjoy the crisp fresh feeling of cool cotton sheets every time you go to sleep. It’s queen-size and includes a sheet, two pillowcases and a duvet cover. It gets good reviews on Amazon for the quality of material and of course, the unique design that’s guaranteed to melt your heart (unless you’re as strange as my friend!)

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