How To Add A Personal Touch To Kitchen Decor

I want to talk about how to bring that personal touch to kitchen decor.

A kitchen which makes you feel good about your life is a place where you can create delicious food. What things make you feel good about life? Bring those elements into your interior design.

Why does “personal” make us feel good?

Bringing your own personal touch, by using elements from your own life, is a good rule for home design in every room, of course, so allow me to take a step back for a general design tip here. Take a look at any fancy design magazine. Pick a picture that really captivates you. A room you feel like you would have liked to live in (always plenty of those, right?)

Now, take a closer look and look at the details.

What often makes these photographs attractive is details that indicate that actual human beings inhabit that room, with their own idiosyncratic likes and dislikes. A specific book on the coffee table, a pair of unique-looking eye glasses on the bed stand, a framed photograph on the wall, or a piece of paper and a pen, casually left on a desk. We are attracted to those because they reflect a personal touch. Without it, even the most well-decorated house will look like a hotel room and not like a home.

Back to the kitchen.

Here are a few ideas on how to introduce your own personal touch to kitchen decor. They are meant to inspire you to find your own ways to introduce that special seasoning into your own kitchen.

5 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Kitchen Decor

1. Bring in the garden!

If your other hobby is gardening, why not bring it into the kitchen? A small herb garden is not only a wonderful decor element, it will actually enrich the flavor of your cooking as well. Can’t beat that! There are some wonderful planters and pots available for an extra touch of style. I really liked these – you can get them on Amazon by clicking here.
personal touch to kitchen decor: A kitchen garden

2. Get into a romantic mood!

Cooking for two is something you do often? Make your kitchen a place of love and romance by introducing candles to your kitchen. Keep scents in mind. Some candles may be too heavily-scented to be used while cooking, while others may be perfect just for that, like this cinnamon and spice candle available on Amazon here. Opt for candles that have a lid to them. That way you can keep them covered most of the time, and light them up only when you want that extra romantic mood and that particular scent.
Personal touch to kitchen decor: A spice-candle

3. Go ethnic.

If your cooking is your connection to your heritage or your ancestors, decorate your kitchen with your ethnic art. Frame one of your favorite ancestral photos, and hang it on the wall. Add a set of decorative dishes in that are in theme with your ethnic tradition and put it on display on a nice shelf.

4. Get in touch with your family culinary history.

Do you have an old notebook with recipes written down by your mother or grandmother (or Dad or Grandpa!) Consider using a few of the original pages to cover the kitchen table, and then cover that with a sheet of clear glass. This makes a rustically charming decor focal point, or a classically elegant one if you write the recipes in calligraphy. Your guests will ooh and ahh over this creative design.

5. Focus on your health

Is healthy cooking a priority? If you want to cook healthful meals, hang a picture of yourself doing a realistic activity that can only be done with a strong healthy body (relative to your own circumstances), and a focused mind. If you have a family, hang photos of them showing off their health and strength too.

For instance, a photo of your child proudly displaying a school assignment that earned a high grade, or flexing her/his biceps and smiling with white teeth, shows the rewards for eating healthful foods. Hang colorful charts depicting the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates that you need, and hang pretty pictures of beautiful organic fruits and vegetables. These will give you an appetite for what is good for you, instead of tempting you to eat junk food. Natural produce comes in all colors (even blue – for blueberries), so you can make a gorgeous rainbow on your wall.

These are just a few ideas on how to introduce your own personal flavor into your kitchen decor. The idea is to focus on YOU. Take some time to consider what inspires you to cook and what brings you culinary inspiration and work with that to introduce the right design elements that will truly help you add that personal touch to kitchen decor!

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