Romantic Room Decor – Tips And Suggestions

Ever wondered what you could do to improve your love life? You’re not alone. I’m sure it’s pretty much on anyone’s mind. Fortunately, there are some things you can do on the home design front to help with that. Romantic room decor is what you need!

It makes no difference whether you are single or coupled, young or old; a bit of romance in your home decor can lift your spirits, put you in the right mood for romance, or simply help you to feel more creative and motivated.

Romantic room decor is not necessarily about the bedroom. For many of us, adding romance just makes us feel more optimistic about life and improves the way you feel about yourself. When you feel better, you look better, and you communicate in a more attractive way. Romantic designs for your home are a good investment in your relationships with others as well as in yourself.

Consider all of the senses when option for creating this theme. Textures, visuals and even scents should all play a role in your plan.

7 Romantic Room Decor Tips & Guidelines

1)  Use soft lighting. It is key in making everyone look sexier, yourself included.

2) Look for soft and glamourous textures. There’s a reason why silk, satin and velvet have been traditionally associated with love!

Romantic room decor suggestions: Aubergine Velvet Ottoman
This stunning aubergine ottoman provides a great way to enhance a room with sensual velvet. Click to see it and order from Amazon.

3) Make it smell good! Fresh floral scents works best. Don’t overwhelm the occupants with heavy musky scents.

Floral scented natural candle can help with your romantic room decor
This alluring natural wax candle offers an affordable way to introduce a floral scent into your room. Click to see more and order on Amazon

4) Express your creativity in color schemes. Romantic doesn’t necessarily mean pink (although it can!) This is where your own personality and taste in color can be expressed. Stark black, white and the grays in the between should be reserved to accents, if used at all.

5) Consider adding some of the classic romantic elements such as hearts and flowers. Unless you’re decorating a teenager’s bedroom, stay away from fluffy stuffed animal toys. They will make a room look more childish than romantic.

Ceramic mugs with heart-shaped handles offer a great (and lighthearted!) way of introducing romance into your kitchen
Ceramic coffee mugs with heart-shaped handles offer a great (and lighthearted!) way of introducing romance into your kitchen. Click to see these on Amazon.

6) Use antiques or period-pieces to introduce a sense of “Bygone Days”. Most people associate “historic” with a more romantic age. You could even create a theme around a specific era that speaks to you, be it the Roman age or The Sixties.

7) For the love of God, Don’t go overboard! Your aim should be to create a romantic setting, not a Victorian bordello. Mix and match with care and leave some room for you and your loved ones too!

Do you have any romantic room decor tips to share? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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