9 Unique Star Wars Decor Items You Need To See

If you’re not a geek or a fan of Star Wars, this post may not be for you. If you are one (as am I!) then keep on reading because I have found some pretty awesome Star Wars decor items for the avid fan!

Let me start by saying that bringing the things you love and are passionate about into your home decor is always a good thing. Your home should reflect you and your interests. Good design is always idiosyncratic so don’t be shy about showing off your hobbies and interests, geeky or otherwise.

That said, unless you’re 12, you are expected to do so with a sense of style. After akkm there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. Turning a kid’s room into fantasy land is one thing. You could do that if you have the budget to invest in creating a film set that is likely to need replacing within a year or two. For an actual home inhabited adults, it’s the touches and accents, the little items here and there that should express your passion. And they should all be stylish and high-end.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for items readily available on Amazon. These Star Wars decor items can help you bring the force into your design without compromising on style. You can use these only in one room, or plant little SW hints here and there in various rooms – that’s entirely up to you.

Star Wars Decor Items: The List!

1. An extra geeky print of the Millennium Falcon as US patent. This would look great just about in any room. Including in your office. Click to see details and order via Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: The Falcon print

2. A lego stormtrooper digital clock. Combine your love of all things lego and all things Star Wars! This lovely alarm clock is just the thing to have by your bedside. Click to see more details and buy on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Figurine Alarm Clock

3. The Star Wars Waste Basket. Unfortunately it’s not an actual compactor, only a trash can. Click to see more details and order on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: The Star Wars Waste Basket

4. The Stormtrooper is in your bathroom. He’s watching over you, his prisoner, while you shower (or at least you can pretend he is…). It’s also a great example of using these Star Wars decor items for adding actual style. In black and white, this larger than life print is a classic. Click here to see more and buy on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: star wars shower curtain

5. Since it’s black & white and relatively neutral (if dramatic) you could add this toothbrush holder too. Click for more details and to order on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: stormtrooper toothbrush holder

6. The perfect item for your kitchen counter, dining table or even office: The Death Star Cookie Jar! Click for details and to order on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: death star cookie jar

7. Keep breakfast entertaining with this Darth Vader waffle maker. Your guests will appreciate it and you don’t have to serve any waffles. Just have it standing there on the countertop with the clear Star Wars logo is enough. Click to see more details and order on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: darth vader waffle maker

8. Speaking of good ‘ole Darth, here’s the perfect mug for strong black coffee! “You don’t know the power of the black side” is a classic in terms of sheer design elegance too. Check out details and order on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: darth vader mug

9. The last – but not least – on our list of Star Wars Decor Items: a pair of pillowcases that shout out “Star Wars” to fans yet anyone who never watched the original movie won’t get it. It’s like speaking in code. Click to see more specs and buy on Amazon.

Star Wars Decor Items: pillowcases

I hope you like this list! If you did, please share it with your friends as well!





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