The Original Yodo Blanket Provides Beautiful Picnic Decor!

Who says home decor is just for your home?

We want to keep our surroundings aesthetically-pleasing everywhere. Inside our homes, and when we travel as well. This beautiful item is just perfect for that. It’s as beautiful and fashionable as it is practical!

What’s a Yodo picnic blanket?

Well, you know what a picnic blanket is, right? It’s a large cloth map or coverlet of sorts that you can spread outside, usually on a patch of grass. You can either lay on it yourself or place your picnic dishes on top of it. Either goes.

Ideally, you’d want it to be –

  1. Comfortable enough for adults, children and even babies to lay over.
  2. Thick enough to properly insulate you from wet and/or sharp blades of grass.
  3. Easy to carry around from your home to the picnic site.
  4. Pretty enough to allow you to enjoy your outing in style.

Well, say hello to the Yodo picnic blanket!


This stylish throw meets all of the above criteria and then some. It has two layers to it. A thick soft fleece layer in color-coordinated stripes is the one everyone will enjoy sitting and lying on top. Underneath it, there is a layer of waterproof backing, protecting everyone from anything which might seep through from the ground up.

Carrying your Yodo is a breeze. It’s actually designed to fold over into a small tidy bag –


It’s easy to store at home and even easier to just grab and take it with you to the park. You can keep a Yodo stashed away in the trunk of your car too. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and you’ll never know when you might need it.

Perhaps best of all, from the design point of view, is the multitude of color schemes. Classic stripes lend themselves all too well to this light outdoorsy element and you can choose between bright red or blue, lemony green or elegant beige and olive for the base color.

You really should check out these Yodo’s for this summer. Even if you don’t travel, they’re perfect for a day out in your own backyard and best of all, they’re all easily available on Amazon!

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