15 Amazing Tulip Wreaths For Spring!

Spring is here!

Are you feeling the beginning of spring fever? An uncontrollable need to get your home cleaned, refreshed and newly-designed?

A great thematic element for spring-themed home decor is flowers. I’ll be covering more floral elements in future posts but today it’s all about flowers, and more specifically, tulips!

15 Tulip Wreaths for Spring home decor

Tulips are absolutely majestic. They’re so beautiful and special their bulbs were literally worth their weight in gold in some cultures. Fortunately, they are a tad more affordable today, yet are as beautiful as ever.

A real easy way to give your home a touch of spring freshness is by adding a pretty floral arrangement, and what better place for that than your front door? Allow passers by to enjoy the beauty of regal tulips and let everyone know: Spring is here in this home!

Here are some gorgeous arrangements you can order today on Amazon. With Amazon, you can rest assured that you’ll get your wreaths in perfect condition (or your money back). In my opinion, it’s the perfect shopping experience and in this case, one that allows you to get the very best and most special tulip door wreaths anywhere in the US (and with some vendors, the world!).

So, here are my favorite finds in the tulip wreaths department this year –

1. Sleek purple and yellow tulips wreath

Classic colors which are both sophisticated and natural-looking.


Purple And Yellow Tulip Wreath Door Decor

Click here to see on Amazon

2. Orange and yellow tulip wreath

Need more pazzaz? This bright yellow and orange wreath is just the thing to drive away bleak winter days and call in spring!

Orange and Yellow Tulip WreathClick here to see on Amazon

3. Delicate pink and red tulip wreath

If your decorative style is more delicate than bright, look no further than this understated yet extremely elegant wreath –

Delicate pink and red tulip wreathClick to see on Amazon

4. Pink tulips wreath

I personally love this wreath because although these tulips are meant to look like a single color variety, they actually show quite wonderfully just how intricate such tulips can be, as colors change on each single leaf. Very pretty!

Pink tulips wreath

Click to see on Amazon

5. Early Morning Spring Wreath Pink Tulip

This impressive wreath is all about pink! The tulip variety represented here is called “Early Morning Spring” – what an inspirational name for a flower! This wreath has many flower blossoms tucked in and is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Early Morning Spring Wreath Pink Tulip

See this wreath on Amazon

6. Pink Tulip & Burlap Semi-Wreath

Adore pink tulips but don’t want to overdo it? I’ve found the perfect solution for you. This charming wreath utilizes pretty pink tulips and combines them with a base of dry twigs circle, adorned with a burlap bow for a simple yet elegant rustic look.

Pink Tulip Wreath

Click to see on Amazon

7. Pretty pinks with colorful bow tulip wreath

Another wonderful option for combining the beauty of tulips with a touch of fabric –

Pretty pinks with colorful bow tulip wreath

Click to see on Amazon

8. Tulips Galore

The designer of this very colorful wreath named it: Tulips Galore. And good reason. Just take a look here-

Tulips Galore Wreath

Click to see on Amazon

9. Pink Tulip and Dogwood Wreath

Why not mix tulips with other types of flowers? Tulips are certainly dominant so this could work out very well for a wreath that’s floral, with a touch of “tulipe”…

Pink Tulip and Dogwood Wreath

View on Amazon

10. Pink Purple Tulip and Berry Wreath

Another interesting mix here. Regal tulips in white, pink and purple, mixed with a variety of color-matching flowers with a good measure of delicate berries thrown in.

Pink Purple Tulip and Berry Wreath

View on Amazon

11. Tulip, Forsythia & Dogwood Spring Wreath

Red tulips in this mix, beautifully complemented by forsythia and dogwood –

Tulip, Forsythia & Dogwood Spring WreathView on Amazon

12. Colorful Tulip Wreath With Easter Eggs and Flowers

Easter is right around the corner. Get your tulip wreath in holiday mood with this arrangement –

Colorful Tulip Wreath Spring Wreath With Easter Eggs and Flowers

View on Amazon

13. Green Tulip in Wreath

I love this uniquely crafty design. Two green tulips that truly make a decorative statement in this mossy-feeling rustic arrangement –

GREEN Tulip in Wreath

View on Amazon

14. Exquisite White Tulips Wreath

Classic, stylish and elegant. All true when it comes to this luxurious wreath of white magnolia tulips. The one adjective that may not apply: affordable. This is a high-end wreath, so for most of us, probably out of budget limits.

Exquisite White Tulips Wreath

View on Amazon

15. Yellow And White Spring Tulip Wreath

Wrapping up and closing the wreath that this post is, we have another purple and yellow design. This time, an elegant half-wreath of white and yellow tulips, along with complimenting flowers in purple. A perfect spring arrangement!


View on Amazon

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