Window Treatments For French Doors

Think curtains go hand in knob only with windows? Ahh, but there’s a special kind of entryways that can benefit from them just as much as much. I’m talking about window treatments for french doors!

I’How to choose window treatments for french doorsm going to review the basic considerations which should guide your decision and then show you some wonderful choices offered by my favorite store: Amazon. Yes, everything you see in this post can be ordered with one click of the mouse! It will arrive at your doorstep with the great Amazon satisfaction guarantee.

Why do we even need drapes for these doors? The answer is clear. Literally, it’s clear. Got it? *wink*

French doors are at least partly made of glass to allow light in the room. They almost always lead you into a porch or a garden and as such offer great views as well.

In essence, French doors are actually huge windows which you can open wide and step through. In terms of home decor they thus present us with the same challenges windows do: Letting in too much light in some situations and exposing the room and its inhabitants to the outside world.

What type of window treatments essentially depends on where the doors lead to. For example, if they open to an enclosed backyard, privacy may be less of an issue. However if they offer a direct line of sight from the neighbors’ windows into your bedroom, some screening might be in order.

Another consideration would be the sunlight. Does the door let most of the light through when the sun rises or when it sets? And what effect would that be on the people in the room? Are they more likely to be there during the morning or the afternoon?


These considerations should affect your choice of curtains. If you don’t need to block out light and just require a little bit of privacy, a sheer drape would work very well. Here are my suggestions.

Sheer Window Treatments For French Doors

window treatments for french doors: Sheer White
These sheer panels by Batiste offer classic elegance. Machine washable and easy to maintain, they are also very affordable. Check them out on Amazon.
Purple window treatments for french doors
Then again, who said sheer curtains should be white? Check out the selection of colorful – yet sheer – drapes by Mysky Home.
sheer floral curtains
Another great option by Mysky Home incorporates a delicate floral print into a sheer white drape. Click to view details and order on Amazon.
Sliding panels window treatments for french doors
Don’t limit yourself to drapes. These fabric panels make wonderful window treatments for French doors. They offer even more privacy, without blocking out the light entirely. Check them out on Amazon

Blackout Window Treatments For French Doors

If you need to keep the sun out of the room then heavy blackout curtains should be your choice of window treatments for French doors. Any of these would work very well, allowing you maximum protection from the sun rays without compromising on the quality of your room decor –

beautiful dark blue drapes
Simple, effective and elegant these Versailtex are thermal drapes. They’ll keep the sun out, keep the room cool (or warm during winter) and save you money on electricity. In terms of design, you can go wild with literally dozens of colors to choose from. Check out the full catalogue on Amazon.
Cream colored blackout drapes for french doors
Blackout drapes don’t have to be dark! These beautiful cream panels by Rose Home Fashion will keep the light out. Click here to see their specs and read reviews by other customers.
Patterned blackout drapes
If you need to cover several French doors, opt for a pattern. It adds interest and detail to the large area you need to cover. This one is a classic and will match pretty much any decor theme with its neutral tones. Check it out here on Amazon.
Damask pattern Window panels for french doors
You may prefer a smaller window panel if your French doors have a wider frame. These Waverly Donnington panels are just gorgeous with their delicate damask pattern. It’s almost hard to believe they are so practical too! Check them out on Amazon, they are surprisingly affordable, considering the quality!

As you can see, window treatments for French doors can be beautiful, practical and a great addition to your home decor. All you have to do is plan ahead and find the ones that are right for you! Let me know in the comments section which you would choose and why!

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