17 Gorgeous Woven Storage Baskets

There is no end of possible uses for these gorgeously woven storage baskets, from dirty clothes to more constructive utilities. They look great right in your living room where you can always pick up the skeins of yarn and keep on crocheting in front of the TV in the evening. In fact, I think a wicker basket full of colorful yarn is a beautiful decorative item in its own right!

17 Gorgeous woven storage baskets

I love using woven storage baskets. They are as beautiful as they are practical and they can instantly transform a cluttered shelf into a haven of natural-looking harmonious order.

Light yet strong and very durable, they can fulfill any number of household or even picnicking tasks with ease. As a technology, basket weaving dates back to ancient times and this is part of their rustic charm.  Useful, pretty to look at, lightweight and strong, this is a household item well worth the investment.

I found 17 woven storage baskets which I absolutely fell in love with, so I’m sharing them here. I just know you’re going to want to get them all! See which ones work best for your needs so that they can fulfill their practical role, helping you declutter entire rooms and making them look prettier.

1. KOUBOO Rattan Utility Basket

A classic woven rattan basket in a natural color. Great for your living room or bedroom.

KOUBOO Rattan Utility Basket

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2. 18Karat’s Casus Basket

A unique basket with artistic qualities. A rough rustic look and high quality durability make this a great woven basket to have anywhere in your home.

Casus Basket

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3. Whitmor Rattique Baskets

Durable, functional and they come in matching set of three sizes, what more can you ask for? Oh wait, you can also have them in other colors! Berry blue, sage or red? No problem!

Whitmor 6500-1959 Rattique Baskets

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4. Wicker Woven Storage  Baskets

A fab set of five rectangular wicker baskets lined with soft fabric. A perfect combination that shows off the natural roughness of wicker yet provides your items a soft interior. Perfect for storing books and magazines!

Wicker Home Decorative Storage Organizer Baskets

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5. VonHaus Seagrass Storage Baskets

Natural seagrass looks great here. Perfect for your spa needs, these woven storage baskets come with handles and covers too.

VonHaus Set of 4 Seagrass Storage Baskets with Lids & Insert Handles

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6. Hand Woven Rattan Storage Basket

Small things deserve awesome storage solutions too! Like this hand-woven rattan basket that has its own lead and can be perfect for storing your smaller crafts items. The inner lining makes sure they won’t get entangled in the rattan itself.

Brown Hand Woven Rattan Home Storage Basket

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7. KOUBOO’s huge Sea Grass basket

I really love this one. You could use it as a planter (indoor only though) or as a laundry basket. It’s large enough to be a focal point in any room and you can get two for an even more dramatic effect.

huge round woven basket

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8. Rectangular Thick Trim Storage Basket

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone but this awesome set of woven baskets is entirely synthetic! Which means it’s excellent for storing delicate items: there are simply no splinters for anything to snag on. It’s also very durable – even dishwasher safe!

Rectangular Thick Trim Storage Basket

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9. Wicker Floor Storage Basket

I love the weaving style here. It’s a classic style that gets displayed with pride not only in the basket itself but in the huge handles too. Perfect for anything you want to store a lot of and on floor level.


Household Essentials Large Wicker Floor Storage Basket

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10. SpaceMaster Cotton Rope Storage Baskets

Simple and beautiful. Handwoven from 100% natural cotton these light nesting woven storage baskets are great for storing jewelry and other small items.

SpaceMaster Cotton Rope Storage Baskets

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11. Hand Woven Handled Home Storage Baskets

A perfect set of three round hand woven baskets. They are nested which means their sizes are not identical. Make the most of that by placing each one on a table of a slightly different size. They will bring them together design-wise and otherwise just look awesome!

Hand Woven Handled Home Storage Nesting Baskets

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12. The Cape Cod Sweater Weave Wicker Towel Basket

A beautiful basket combining natural water hyacinth fiber with Cape Cod nautical colors. Hand-weaved and hand-painted it brings a sense of the beach right into your bathroom.

cape cod basket

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13. Handwoven Brown Double Handled Nesting Baskets

Simple and very pretty, these three nested baskets are made even more practical thanks to their long handles. It means you can carry things in them with ease. Perfect for arranging items for your guests, for example, and then carrying them over to the guest bathroom.


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14. Spiral Hand-Woven Natural Seagrass Basket

A unique looking basket that is both decorative and practical. The longer side backs up longer items, like these magazines, while allowing you easy access on the other hand. There’s even a convenient hole there, for when you need to move the basket with you. They really have thought of everything!

Hand Woven Brown Natural Seagrass Round Spiral

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15. Round Water Hyacinth Wicker Storage Basket

With its round barrel-like shape and that lid, this one makes me think of India. It looks just like the kind of basket where you would store a dancing cobra! Assuming you don’t keep pet cobras, you could store just about anything in this large natural wicker basket!


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16. Indigo Round Storage Baskets

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love how they weaved these with two colors: natural wicker and indigo. The effect is certainly eye catching and would make a great match for indigo hued furniture.

Indigo Round Michelle Storage Baskets Small

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17. Overseas Connection Market Basket

Ending this list with a beautiful basket from Ghana by Overseas Connection. This classic market basket is beautifully made with great attention to detail. I love the geometric patterns created through weaving. Each basket is a little bit different as these are handmade by villages in Africa. A unique work of art that’s practical too!

Overseas Connection Market Basket

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This concludes my list of 17 gorgeous woven storage baskets. What do you think? Which ones were your favorites? Let me know in the comments!











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