The Yoga Ball Office Chair: Perfect for your decor AND back!

I work a lot by my desk (blogging is not easy, let me tell you!) so I’m always looking for good ergonometric seating solutions. I am pretty sure I just found my next desk chair. It’s the original Gaiam yoga ball office chair!


If you ever attended Pilates or yoga class then surely you’re familiar with this huge ball. You may have seen it in birthing classes too. It works by making you focus on your core muscles and strengthening them. You do that intuitively, without even thinking about it, just because the ball makes you less stable.

I have tried just sitting on one of these balls before – sans the chair – but it wasn’t very practical. I had to focus on staying fully erect on the ball, or I would feel like I’m about to drop to the floor. Not good. When I’m typing away, I need to feel safe and stable. Not a lot to ask for, is it? *wink*

In comes this awesome office chair like no other!

It provides the constant muscle work while keeping you secure and stable. After all, you are not sitting on a ball. Or rather, you are, but you’re also sitting in a proper office chair. You can’t fall off this yoga ball office chair any more than you can fall off any other regular office chair.

This being a home decor blog, I’m happy to tell you that I find the yoga ball office chair to have a lot of design potential as well. Its unique shape is a design marvel in its own right. It’s eye catching, combining a huge shiny ball within a chair into a single futuristic design –

yoga ball office chair

You can keep changing the actual balls too, making it super easy to update your home office decor. Changing the curtains from purple to blue? Go ahead and change the ball too!

It’s not only the balls though. Gaiam offers the actual plastic chair in black, gray and blue. You can match chair and ball perfectly for a unique-looking piece –


Or mix and match these chairs across your home. And no, they don’t have to be limited to the office room either.


They’re perfect for every room in your home. After all, it’s important to take good care of your back, no matter where you’re sitting, isn’t it?

The best bit of news is that you can join thousands of satisfied customers and buy these through Amazon. Just click here, read the reviews and order your own. That’s exactly what I’m going to do right now!

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